Suffragetto–The Suffragette Boardgame from 1917

Interesting look at a suffragette-themed board game from the early 20th century,

In the 1917 board game “Suffragetto,” two players compete as either police or suffragettes to defend their political bases — the House of Commons or Royal Albert Hall, which suffragettes rented out around 30 times between 1908 and 1913 to rally for women’s votes.

Presumably critics of games like this at the time retorted that “actually, it’s about ethics in journalism.”

Thunderbirds Co-Op Game

Modiphius Entertainment makes a Thunderbirds co-op board game. This was apparently released in 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Thunderbirds debut in 1965.

I happen to be a bit of a Thunderbirds fanatic–I’ve made my kids watch all of the episodes and the two movies several times–so I’m the sort of person who would be fine playing Thunderbirds Monopoly.

If you’re not such a Thunderbirds aficionado, the good news is that the game was developed by Matt Leacock, the designer behind classic co-op board games such as Pandemic and Forbidden Island. The reviews I’ve seen of it suggest it’s a fun experience even if you’re unfamiliar with the TV show.

Also, it turns out that there was a Thunderbirds video game released for the PS2 in 2000. At the bottom of this post is a YouTube Let’s Play of the game, but sadly it looks absolutely dreadful (as in the Thunderbirds have missiles and other weapons on their vehicles, because reasons).

Thunderbirds Board Game - Screenshot 1

Thunderbirds Board Game - Screenshot 2