EXO-6 1/6 Scale Mirror Universe Spock Action Figure

EXO-6 has been releasing 1/6 scale action figures of Star Trek characters for a while now, but this is their first one from Star Trek: The Original Series.

I’m glad I’m only a half-hearted Star Trek collector, or this would be a must-have even though I don’t have the space for another line of 12″ figures.

This can be pre-ordered for $198, and is expected to ship by the second quarter of 2022.

EXO-6 - Mirror Universe Spock 1/6 Scale Action Figure
EXO-6 – Mirror Universe Spock 1/6 Scale Action Figure
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T2MD–Trello to Markdown Tool

T2MD is a tool that converts Trello boards and cards to Markdown.

t2md backs ups the full .json export of your Trello boards and all uploaded (not linked) attachments, then creates local markdown files for each card’s description, checklists, comments and attachments for easy viewing. Any references to uploaded attachments in the description and comments are replaced with local relative paths so they continue to display.

This allows you to preserve important info you store in Trello, view it locally, run fast full-text searches and even generate static sites of your Trello content.

It runs asynchronously which makes it pretty fast too. Both Windows and Linux single-file-binary (no .Net Core install required) builds are available.