Directory Opus 13

Eight years after the release of Directory Opus 12, GPSoftware recently announced the release of Directory Opus 13.

Directory Opus provides, by far, the best Windows file management experience. Dual panes, multiple tabs, favorites, persistent directory-level configuration options, queued file copying, and much more.

I couldn’t imaging doing serious file management in Windows without it.

GREP Command to Extract Email Addresses from EML Files

I have a directory with thousands of EML files that are essentially bounce messages. I want to extract all of the email addresses from these bounce messages to make changes to the relevant accounts.

This can be done with grep but navigating to the directory where all the EML files are located and then:

grep -o '[[:alnum:]+\.\_\-]*@[[:alnum:]+\.\_\-]*' *.eml | sort | uniq -i > emails.txt


If you are using a VPN, IPLeak.Net will detect whether your connection leaks any WebRTC or DNS information that would allow your ISP to determine what sites you are visiting.

It also has a Torrent Address detection feature in which you add a magnet link to a fake file to your torrent client, and the site will tell you what data can be gleaned from your torrent activity.

Highly recommended.