Why Is Google Featuring Pseudoscientist On Its Own YouTube Channel?

Google describes its Talks At Google YouTube channel as “providing a platform for influential thinkers, creators, makers and doers to tell us about their work, their lives and what drives them to shape our world.”

Given all the lip service that Google has given to removing misinformation on YouTube, then, it was a bit surprising to see Talks At Google feature “highlights” from pseudoscientist Michael Cremo.

Cremo is a Hindu creationist who believes that the scientific establishment is suppressing evidence that modern human beings have existed on Earth for tens of millions and potentially billions of years.

Wade Tarzia highlights the sort of insights that Cremo and his co-author Richard Thompson offer in Forbidden Archeology,

Reference to reports of living ape-people (or “wildmen”) caps my list of giant leaps. Forbidden Archaeology uses this section to suggest the simultaneous existence of hominids with modern-type humans (cf. 622), which would supposedly disprove the notion of human evolution, ignoring the possibility of shared common ancestry. The authors seem very credulous of reports of wild-folk sightings. Here the easiest explanation, in the absence of a caged abominable snowperson, is that Yeti/Sasquatch/etc. are manifestations of folklore about anthropomorphic creatures, which is spread world-wide and goes back quite far; the human-eating monsters Grendel and his mother in the 1,000+ year-old epic Beowulf are an example (see Donaldson 1967). In fact, some of the reports cited in Forbidden Archaeology remind me of Beowulf when the theme of the report is an attack of an ape-man (examples on pp. 610, 611, 614, 618). In other ways the nature of some reports reminds me of contemporary legends, in which the actual witness of a strange event is removed from the informant by space and time; one informant said, “Many years ago in India, my late wife’s mother told me how her mother had actually seen what might have been one of these creatures at Mussorie, in the Himalayan foothills.” (p. 607).

Discussing wildmen existing in folklore, the authors cite a reference that says, in part, that wolves appear in folktales because they are real; so if wildmen did not show up in folktales, then their reality could be doubted (p. 617). Well — dragons, giants, and vampires show up in folklore; are we to believe they are real? But chipmunks seldom appear in folktales, so perhaps they are mythical? Asking simple questions such as these help us make a ‘reality check’ on arguments.

Colin Grove also wrote a 1994 review of Forbidden Archeology highlighting Cremo’s flawed methodology toward dating of human remains.

Wiz Kids Dungeons & Dragons Eye and Hand of Vecna Replica

Wiz Kids Dungeons & Dragons Eye and Hand of Vecna Replica
Wiz Kids Dungeons & Dragons Eye and Hand of Vecna Replica

Seldom is the name of Vecna spoken except in a hushed voice. Vecna was, in his time, one of the mightiest of all wizards. Through dark magic and conquest, he forged a terrible empire. For all his power, Vecna couldn’t escape his own mortality. He began to fear death and take steps to prevent his end from ever coming about.

Orcus, the demon prince of undeath, taught Vecna a ritual that would allow him to live on as a lich. Beyond death, he became the greatest of all liches.

Some say that Vecna’s lieutenant Kas coveted the Spider Throne for himself, or that the sword his lord made for him seduced him into rebellion. Whatever the reason, Kas brought the Undying King’s rule to an end in a terrible battle that left Vecna’s tower a heap of ash. Of Vecna, all that remained were one hand and one eye, grisly artifacts that still seek to work the Whispered One’s will in the world.

The Eye of Vecna and the Hand of Vecna might be found together or separately. The eye looks like a bloodshot organ torn free from the socket. The hand is a mummified and shriveled left extremity.

Perfect for a spot of honor in your game room, or on display in your store, now you can add both relics to your illustrious collection! The bloodshot, golden-green eye measures 1.5” and perches between the fingers of its companion hand. Conversely, the shriveled mummified hand measures about 7.5” in length, and nests for all to see upon a red swath of satin in a bell jar display case. The wooden display base measures 7” while the glass cover stands about 10.5” in height.