Imaginext Batman Battlebot

This Imaginext Batman Battlebot is amazing. I couldn’t find the exact size of this, but it appears to be playset size similar to the other large playsets in the Imaginext DC Superfriends line. And at about $125, it should be.

The promotional text isn’t quite clear, but I think we can safely assume that those shoulder-mounted weapons fire non-lethal rounds designed to incapacitate rather than kill marauding kaiju and other threats to the Earth.

Imaginext Hall of Doom Playset

This Hall of Doom playset is part of the Imaginext line of toys which is geared toward very young children. This is actually kind of cool, but it is a shame this is the only Hall of Doom Playset that has ever been officially produced, and the only one that is ever likely to see the light of day.


Imaginext - Hall of Doom Playset