Gentle Giant’s Line of DC Super Powers Jumbo Action Figures

Gentle Giant continues its line of DC Super Powers Jumbo Action Figures with 12″ versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and the Flash.

I still think these look a bit goofy. When I was a kid, I loved these Kenner DC Super Powers figures, but these were originally done at a 3-3/4″ scale. Scanning them in 3D and then scaling them up to a 12″ scale just makes them look strange.

That Batman version, for example, looks more like the Dark Knight Returns Batman . But, if nostalgia and 1/6 scale are your thing, these are only $90 each.


Wonder Woman



The Flash

One-12 Collective Shazam

One the one hand, it is a bit absurd for Mezco to create this One-12 collective line of action figures. I guess 1:12 scale just sounds a lot sexier than saying these are standard 6-inch action figures. And you need all the sexy you can get when you’re charging almost $100 for a 6-inch action figure.

On the other hand, wow. Thirty-two points of articulation, three separate head sculpts and sets of hands, an attachable lightning bolt, and Mr. Atom and Mr. Mind figures included in the package. If Shazam is your thing, this may be fairly close to a definitive action figure version.


One-12 Collective Shazam

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ridoron Vehicle

I’m not sure if I’ve seen another vehicle from S.H. Figuarts’ series of detailed action figures. This 15″ version of Kamen Rider Black RX’s Ridoron car looks awesome. The doors are fully functional and will first S.H. Figuarts’ Kamen Rider Black RX figure. No word on whether it can travel at 900+ mph like the version from the TV show, but it does feature the front-facing mandibles that can be displayed either inside the vehicle or deployed outside it.

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ridoron Vehicle