Batman Animated Playset: Batcave with Computer Vignette

Apparently calling something a “playset” is beneath DC Collectibles’ dignity, so this Batcave with Batcomputer is called a “vignette.” This is 1/12 scale, so it’s compatible with all of the Batman: The Animated Series action figures in that scale, and comes with the Alfred action figure as well.


Beasts of the Mesozoic Action Figures

Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6 scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures. These all look awesome.


Acheroraptor temertyorum


Adasaurus mongoliensis


Atrociraptor mashalli


Balaur bondoc


Dromaeosaurus ablertensis


Linheraptor exquisitus


Pyroraptor olympius


Saurornitholestes sullivani


Tsaagan mangas


Velociraptor mongoliensis


Velociraptor osmolskae


Zhenyuanlong suni