Captain Cold Prop Replica Freeze Gun

The CW’s The Flash is one of the few live action television shows that gets comic book super heroes right (Arrow is also good, but is marred by the constant flashback storytelling crutch — the show runners apparently have too much JJ Abrams on the brain). DC Collectibles is releasing a prop replica of the freeze gun used by the show’s version of Captain Cold. Just looking at it gives me chills.

Captain Cold Prop Replica Freeze Gun

Eaglemoss Relaunches Its DC Super Hero Collection

Eaglemoss is relaunching its DC Super Hero Collection. These are 1:21 scale figures that come with a 16-page booklet about the character.

Eaglemoss previously had a line of these figurines that came out monthly from 2009-2012, though I have no idea how popular they were (I picked up a couple dozen of them on clearance at the local comic book shop).

The original version of these figures were cast in lead, whereas now Eaglemoss is advertising that the relaunched figures are created in “metallic polyresin.” The sculpts, however, appear to be identical to the lead figures so far.

DC Super Hero Collection - Batman


DC Super Hero Collection - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

DC Super Hero Collection - Superman


DC Super Hero Collection - The Joker

The Joker

DC Super Hero Collection - Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

DC Comics Bombshells Statues: Killer Frost

It’s not that I particularly like or dislike this Bombshells statue, but rather it reminds me of just how many characters there are in the DC universe that have the ability to project cold and ice. Someone should lock up all the ice-powered villains and heroes with all the super-speed villains and heroes and trim down the number of these “yet another character with the same obvious superpowers” nonsense.

DC Comics Bombshells Statues: Killer Frost