Jack Chick, RIP (and Pascal’s Wager Chick Parody)

Jack Chick died this week at the age of 92. Chick was a uniquely American crank whose small comic pamphlets littered public restrooms across America. Only Chick could have made something as dorky as Dungeons & Dragons appear edgy and dangerous (and we D&D nerds thank him profoundly for doing so).

Back in 2008, I posted about a clever Chick tract parody that highlighted the problem with Pascal’s Wager. That LiveJournal user posted all the images at a free image server, so half the time the site loads with errors warning against direct linking.

I’m mirroring that on this site just in case it becomes unreachable/disappears from the web forever.

hell-1 hell-2 hell-3 hell-4 hell-5 hell-6 hell-7 hell-8 hell-9 hell-10 hell-11 hell-12 hell-13 hell-14 hell-15 hell-16 hell-17