Quote Attributed to Isaac Newton

Ran across this quote in a book I was reading recently. It was supposedly said by Isaac Newton in response the South Sea Bubble.

I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

Wikiquote lists the quote as disputed. It appears to have been a statement made about Newton (“[he] could calculate the motions of erratic bodies, but not the madness of a multitude”) that later was transformed into a statement by him.

Still, a sentiment that rings true regardless of who said it.

Ghana Politician: Albinos Are What Happens When Women Have Sex During Their Periods

As part of a radio program about discrimination faced by people with albinism, Hassan Ayariga of the All People’s Congress told the audience that,

I did some survey and I was told anybody can give birth to an albino, but the process is this way: ‘…If your wife is bleeding and in the process you are too hungry and you don’t want to wait until it’s over, and you decide to do the thing while she’s bleeding, in the process if she gets pregnant – you know some [women] can get pregnant even while bleeding – that is when that particular child [albino] is born.’ That’s what I’m told, because of the process of blood [flow]. So, if in that process it happens that there are some women who are too fertile even as they bleed, [then they can give birth to an albino].

Ghana is one of a number of African countries where albinos are discriminated against and occasionally killed due to widespread misunderstanding of the condition. You’d think someone who wants to be president of Ghana could take a few minutes out of his day to educate himself about albinism before spouting such nonsense.

Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Variant

This Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge is the only time I’ve ever been tempted to buy one of these pop culture-branded variants of a smart phone. Fortunately, it looks doubtful that this will make it to the US (last year’s Iron Man-themed S6 Edge was only available in Hong Kong, China and South Korea, and it looks like this phone will have a similarly limited release).


Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Variant