I’m Still Going to Block Your New, Improved Ads

With Apple deciding to include ad-blocking capabilities in iOS9, there have been a rash of articles like this one arguing that if only ads were better and Internet advertising wasn’t filled with so many bad actors, then people wouldn’t hate Internet ads so much. And if they don’t hate the ads so much, maybe they won’t care about blocking them.

Maybe. For me, though, I don’t care how good your ad is — I’m always going to use software to block it.

I’ve been using ad blockers for so long, that I find it jarring at this point when I am web browsing on a machine that doesn’t have an ad blocker installed. I know the advertisers will find this hard to understand, but I have never reached a point where I said “gee, I wish there was a competing marketing message somewhere on this page to distract me from what I’m reading or watching.”

Ads are a lot like the wide variety of individuals who occasionally knock on my door on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and really want to share their religious faiths with me. Some are extremely forward and obnoxious. Others are humble and demure. And yet, I never talk with either group — I am completely uninterested in hearing out their advertisement for their particular faith, regardless of how they package it.

In general, life is too short to be a passive recipient of marketing messages.