Lego Braille Bricks

Lego has released a set of bricks that arrange the ubiquitous studs in Braille patterns for the English alphabet.

This LEGO® Play with Braille – English Alphabet set (40656) combines the fun of LEGO bricks with braille letters, numbers and signs to offer a playful learning experience for children learning braille. The set comes with baseplates to build on and there are play starters to explore on The play starters help kids develop their skills as they learn how to orient, attach and stack the bricks. The set also gives an insight into the braille code and braille characters.

Lego Braille Bricks
Lego Braille Bricks
Lego Braille Bricks
Lego Braille Bricks

Web-Check–Website OSINT Tool

Web-Check is a comprehensive OSINT tool for grabbing detailed information about any website. It’s nice to have this level of detail about a website available from a single source.

Get an insight into the inner-workings of a given website: uncover potential attack vectors, analyse server architecture, view security configurations, and learn what technologies a site is using.

Currently the dashboard will show: IP info, SSL chain, DNS records, cookies, headers, domain info, search crawl rules, page map, server location, redirect ledger, open ports, traceroute, DNS security extensions, site performance, trackers, associated hostnames, carbon footprint.

The tool can be self-hosted, and there is also a publicly available web version of the software.

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Learn By Example: CLI Text Processing with GNU grep and ripgrep

Sundeep Agarwal’s Learn By Example series of ebooks is an invaluable source for learning programming and CLI text processing.

Earlier this year, Agarwal updated his CLI text processing with GNU grep and ripgrep ebook, adding a new chapter devoted to ripgrep.

Agarwal is generous in making his book available to read online, but he also makes his books available as PDF/EPUB for an extremely reasonable price.