“Dracula’s” Castle in Romania Dispensing COVID-19 Vaccines

Bran Castle is a 15th-century castle in Bran, Romania, known as “Dracula’s Castle.” Since Vlad, the Impaler, likely never set foot in it, and Bram Stoker was apparently unaware of it, it is a bit of a mystery how it came to be associated with the most famous vampire of them all.

Still, playing up the connection likely helps tourism to the site, and Romanian officials are now using the connection to promote COVID-19 vaccination to visitors.

Doctors and nurses with fang stickers on their scrubs are offering free Pfizer shots to all-comers at 14th century Bran Castle, which is purported to be an inspiration for the vampire’s towering home in Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”.

Castle staff hope the service will bring more people to the site in Romania’s Carpathian mountains, where tourist numbers have plummeted since the start of the pandemic.

The castle even issues its own vaccination card. Good luck forging this.