Detective Comics 1000 Variant Covers

As it did with the recent Action Comics #1000, DC Comics is planning on tons of variant covers for the upcoming Detective Comics #1000.

Detective Comics 1000 - Tim Sale 1990s Variant Cover
Detective Comics 1000 – Tim Sale 1990s Variant Cover
Detective Comics 1000 - Steve Rude 1930s Variant Cover
Detective Comics 1000 – Steve Rude 1930s Variant Cover
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Tehran Bans Dog Walking

Religious fundamentalism just has to ruin everything. From the BBC,

Iran’s capital city has banned the public from walking pet dogs, as part of a long-standing official campaign to discourage dog-ownership.

Tehran Police Chief Hossein Rahimi said “we have received permission from the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office, and will take measures against people walking dogs in public spaces, such as parks”.

. . .

Dogs are viewed as “unclean” by Iran’s Islamic authorities, who also regard dog-ownership as a symbol of the pro-Western policy of the ousted monarchy.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance banned the media from publishing any advertisements for pets or pet-related products back in 2010, and there was a push in parliament five years ago to fine and even flog dog-walkers.

How Do People Not Use More Than 1TB Data Monthly?

OpenVault, a company that helps ISPs track bandwidth usage, recently reported that 4.12 percent of U.S. households are now “power users” who use 1TB of bandwidth monthly.

OpenVault’s year end 2018 data showed that:

Average usage for all households was 268.7GB/HH in 2018, up from 226.4GB/HH at the end of June 2018 and a 33.3% increase over the YE 2017 average of 201.6GB/HH.

Median usage was 145.2GB/HH in 2018, up from 116.4GB/HH in June 2018 and a 40% increase over the YE 2017 median of 103.6GB/HH.

The percentage of power users – defined as those households using 1TB or more – almost doubled in 2018, rising to 4.12% of all households from 2.11% in 2017, while the percentage of households exceeding 250GB rose to 36.4% from 28.4% during the same timespan.

How do people use so little data? I am somewhat fortunate as a Charter Spectrum customer that my ISP is prohibited from having bandwidth caps until 2023. My data usage at home is in the 2-3TB/month range…and that’s just my own personal usage, not including the wife and kids (hell, I use more wifi data per month just on my phone than the average household in this report uses).

With YouTube, Netflix, torrenting …uh … Linux ISOs, downloading games on XBox, Playstation and Steam, and the myriad of other bandwidth hogs, 1TB/month would seem to be a typical consumption pattern. I’m surprised the median and average are so low given how widespread and essential the Internet has become.

DOTS RPG 3D Printed Braille Dice for RPGs

The DOTS RPG Project is dedicated to making accessible role-playing game accessories for visually impaired users.

Their website hosts free Creative Commons-licensed 3D models for a variety of braille RPG dice, or customers can order 3D printed ones from the DOTS RPG Shapeways store.

DOTS RPG Polyhedral Set
DOTS RPG Polyhedral Set
DOTS RPG Lightning Set
DOTS RPG Lightning Set

That Time the Cleveland Browns Marketing Department Wanted Employees to See How Fans Were Interacting With the Team on Social Media

ESPN’s Seth Wickersham has an excellent look at the inside workings of the worst team in football and, apparently, one of the most poorly run organizations in sports–the Cleveland Browns.

The version of the Browns that emerges from Wickersham’s profile is the mother of all train wrecks, and this is typical of the sort of “can’t quite get anything right” nature of the organization.

Marketing executives wanted employees to see how fans were engaging with the Browns on social media, so they projected the Browns feed onto a giant wall at the facility. It was like broadcasting talk radio over the entire building, and one day in particular, it was worse than that. One of the marketing staffers entered a search for #dp — for Dawg Pound. The problem was, that hashtag carried a few different meanings, one of which triggered an array of porn to be broadcast onto a wall for the entire office to see for more than 20 minutes, until a tech employee killed the feed.