Mattel’s Online Collector Store

A couple weeks ago, Mattel launched its online collector store Basically, the store offers hard-to-find and exclusive figures. They offered limited quantities of their SDCC figures, for example.

Later this Fall they’re going to sell this Adam Strange/Starfire DCUC two-pack exclusively online. Nice.

Mattel Releases Its DC Universe Fighting Figures

Last February, Mattel announced it was releasing a competitor to Hasbro’s Attacktix collectible action figure game featuring DC heroes and called DC Battleague.

Since then the line has been seriously revamped, with Mattel dropping the game component entirely, and rebranding these 3″ figures as DC Universe Fighting Figures. The sculpts still look very nice, and I’m sure for those concerned about the gaming aspect that there will be plenty of net rules for integrating these with Attacktix  figures.

Joker and Batgirl are just two of the initial 12 figures in Wave One of DC Fighting Figures

DC Superfriends Batmobile

Marvel has its Spider-Man and Friends line of toys for toddlers, and Mattel is soon going to be bringing out a DC Superfriends line aimed at the same market. There are definitely adults who collect these, but I find most of them annoying (my dog, however, loves the ones my son leaves on the floor).

I make an exception for the DC Superfriends Batmobile,

I. Must. Own. That.

Mattel’s Battleague

This summer, Mattel is going to be releasing a 3″ line of DC action heroes that are part of a collectible game called Battleague (presumably much like Hasbro’s Attacktix line).

The figures are being sculpted by Four Horsemen who have done an incredible job on Mattel’s line of 6 inch DC superheroes. So far, the figures look incredible for a 3″ line,

Though it should be noted that even the Four Horseman can’t make Aquaman look cool,