Dumbest. Batman. Toy. Evar.

So I was checking out the clearance toy bin at the local Wal-Mart-style chain store and ran across what has to be not only the worst Dark Knight tie-in, but possibly the lamest Batman toy ever. I give you, the Dark Knight Interactive Bat,

Dark Knight Interactive Bat

According to Mattel’s promotional material,

Batman Dark Knight Interactive Bat makes the Batcave playroom complete. From deep within the mysteries of the Batcave comes the Attack Bat. It perches silently. Wake up the bat by pressing a button and the eyes will glow and the bat makes chittering noises. Press a button on the perch, the bat releases itself and begins to take flight, surely scaring anyone nearby.

Uh, yeah, every kid’s dream to have a creepy f—ing bat toy.

Dark Knight Interactive Bat

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