Stands for Justice League Unlimited/DC Universe Classics Figures

Mattel’s collector-oriented webstore,, is currently selling action figure stands for Justice League Unlimited and DC Universe Classics figures. Those JLU figures are especially a pain in the ass to display, so this is a nice addition. Both are available in 25-packs for $12 plus shipping.

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3 thoughts on “Stands for Justice League Unlimited/DC Universe Classics Figures”

  1. I just received three boxes worth from Matty.

    First, Matty takes forever to get order to you. Twenty business days is too long.

    Second, the stands “sort of” work. Rather than one-size-fits all, the stands offer essentially two sizes… very small (for the female figures with hoof-like, Chinese foot binding size feet) and medium for SOME of the males.

    The females are also provided with a useless beg. The holes are too shallow to provide a proper cantilever. However, the odd male figure (J’ohnn J’onzz) has foot holes which, when coupled with squeezing his Martian foot into the “female” lock, creates some stability for this disproportional figure.
    Many of the males (Green Arrow) have feet which are too large for the larger of the two foot locks. You have to twist and work the foot it, Then, more often then not, the figure will pitch to the right or the left.

    The smaller male (B’Wana Beast) feel will not fit snuggly enough to keep the figure upright and will pitch forward.

    And while Steel can more or less balance on his own, because his elephant boots won’t work with the stands, he appears shorter than the other figures. So display looks “off.”

    Overall, an inexpensive purchase, but like all of the DC Mattel line, it seems not-ready-for-prime-time

  2. Thanks for the review, Jack. B. I’m struggling with how I can stand my JLU figures to display them, and I was almost about to fork over .50 a stand PLUS $8 shipping for official JLU stands, but now I think I’ll seek another answer. Have you tried any other general pegged stands with those few who have peg holes in their feet?

    I’m tempted to use wax, but these guys are so top heavy I’m afraid not even that will hold them down…

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