The Bionic Beauty Salon

As part of its Bionic Man/Bionic Woman toy line, Kenner introduced the Bionic Beauty Salon playset in 1976.

This was an ad for the playset that ran in comic books of the time.

Bionic Beauty Salon Ad
Bionic Beauty Salon Ad

This is a double-spread page from Kenner’s toy catalog at the time.

Bionic Beauty Salon - Kenner Promo
Bionic Beauty Salon – Kenner Promo

And finally, the TV ad for the playset.

Maskatron Action Figure

While doing some random web browsing, ran across some sites devoted to the awesome 1970s-era Bionic Man toys. One of my favorites had to be this Maskatron figure.

This was based on the android character played by the always excellent John Saxon in the Day of the Robot episode. In that episode, Saxon portrayed both an inventor and the evil robot duplicate designed to replace him.

According to Wikipedia, that episode first aired on February 8, 1974 so I was all of 5 years old when I first saw that–and I remember that episode scared the shit out of me. Part of me suspects that the rest of y’all have been secretly replaced by android duplicates.


The toy itself was awesome–a frigging robot with three interchangeable¬†faces. All of the Six Million Dollar action figures and accessories were awesome, but my 7 or 8-year-old self loved ripping the Oscar Goldman mask off this one to set up an epic front lawn throw down between Lee Majors and a badass robot.

Gentle Giant’s Line of DC Super Powers Jumbo Action Figures

Gentle Giant continues its line of DC Super Powers Jumbo Action Figures with 12″ versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and the Flash.

I still think these look a bit goofy. When I was a kid, I loved these Kenner DC Super Powers figures, but these were originally done at a 3-3/4″ scale. Scanning them in 3D and then scaling them up to a 12″ scale just makes them look strange.

That Batman version, for example, looks more like the Dark Knight Returns Batman . But, if nostalgia and 1/6 scale are your thing, these are only $90 each.


Wonder Woman



The Flash