Batman Returns 1/4 Scale Penguin Action Figure

I still maintain Danny Devito’s The Penguin in Batman Returns is a scarier villain than Heath Ledger’s Joker. This action figure does a nice job of capturing the creepy/disgusting vibe that Devito pulled off in that film.


Batman Returns: The Penguin 1/4 Scale Action Figure

Hot Toys Batman Returns 1/6 Scale Batman and Bruce Wayne

Hot Toys has an entire line of 1/6 scale Batman movie collectibles. This one of Michael Keaton in Batman Returns is the best IMO. The movies were goofier, but Keaton was such a better Batman than Christian Bale everĀ could dream of being.

There’s also a two-figure set featuring Batman and the Bruce Wayne figure. These figures are very expensive, but the detail that goes into them certainly justifies the cost.


HOt Toys 1/6 Scale Batman Returns Action Figure


Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Batman Returns - Bruce Wayne