Funko DC Action Figures

Interesting to see Funko doing retro-style action figure incarnations of characters from the live action classic TV Batman show. Also an interesting assortment of characters–you just don’t see a Bookworm character.

King Tut
Mr. Freeze

Earth Kitt Catwoman Bust

Diamond Select previously offered a bust of Julie Newmar as Catwoman from the classic Batman TV series. This bust of Earth Kitt as Catwoman from the final season of that show (by which time Julie Newmar was working on a movie) is a nice companion piece to that.

Now we just need a bust of Lee Meriwether as Catwoman from the 1966 Batman film.

DC Comics Fantasy Figure Statues–Poison Ivy

Yamato USA is doing a series of statues of DC Comics characters in extremely sexualized poses. This is the actual copy that accompanied the ad for this Poison Ivy statue,

From Yamato USA. Look out world, Mother Nature has just got herself some muscle …  oh, and some sexy curves! I heard it through the grapevine that you  might be interested in little ol’ me … so tell me, care to have a late night stroll through the gardens? If so, then let me entice you for a late night rendezvous, with me, Poison Ivy. As an addition to Yamato USA Toys’ DC Comics Fantasy Figure Collection, I can already feel your interest in me blossoming. So how about it, Darling? How about adding me to your collection for some cross pollination and cultivating…. I really am to die for.

This is the same statue series that featured this monstrosity of a Catwoman statue. Personally, I don’t mind sexualized images of comic book characters if such images are consistent with the character’s general actions and demeanor. But this Poison Ivy, as well as the Catwoman statue, really miss the mark on both of these characters. Rather than being alternative takes or interesting versions of these villains, they appear to reflect the sculptor simply adding a DC Comics gloss on otherwise completely uninteresting statues.
Fantasy Figure Poison Ivy Statue