Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Variant

This Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge is the only time I’ve ever been tempted to buy one of these pop culture-branded variants of a smart phone.¬†Fortunately, it looks doubtful that this will make it to the US (last year’s Iron Man-themed S6 Edge was only available in Hong Kong, China and South Korea, and it looks like this phone will have a similarly limited release).


Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Variant

Injustice Cyborg vs. Harley Quinn 2-Pack

DC’s releasing action figure 2-packs based on the Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game. These are going to retail for $29.95 which seems expensive considering that these are all 3.75″ scale.

On top of that, this Cyborg figure is completely boss but the Harley Quinn redesign for Injustice is ludicrous. With the diamond shape mask, that looks like Marvel’s Winter Soldier with a big breasts and a nonsensical costume (because if you’re fighting Cyborg, you absolutely must have a costume that exposes your midriff– the full idiocy of the costume can best be appreciated by viewing the comic version here).

Too bad they don’t sell the Cyborg version separately.


Injustice Gods Among Us: Cyborg vs. Harley Quinn