Lately I have been playing way too much World of Warcraft. Like a lot of people, I abandoned the game a few months after Warlords of Draenor was released in November 2014. But Legion has made the game fun again, and I’ve been logging 50-60 hours a week in-game.

Anyway, ran across SimpleArmory.Com which, as its name suggests, is a simplified version of Blizzard’s WoW Armory. It has all the same information, just presented with a much more accessible design.

The one thing SimpleArmory adds is that if you click on any achievement, missing collectable, etc., the site will redirect you to the entry for that particular piece of content.

Freshman Lit Analysis of Portal

Michael Vincent Bramley is a good example of what happens when content farms need words and clicks more than they need coherent thought. Writing about “5 Secret Feminist Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice in ‘Portal’,” Bramley typed,

Amidst the killer robots and hyper-masculine scientists is a clever exploration of a woman’s struggle in a male-dominated culture, and we’re not just saying that because your only weapon is a gun that shoots vagina metaphors.

This really tells us more about Bramley than the game. Sometimes, a portal is just a portal.