Sex Button Mod for Cookie Clicker on Steam

The Sex Button mod for Cookie Clicker pretty much just adds a button to the game that simply says “Sex”. Because of course it does.

Adds the sex button to the settings menu (no actual NSFW content, literally just the word “sex”)

Doesn’t disable steam achievements

Sex Button Mod for Cookie Clicker
Sex Button Mod for Cookie Clicker

Hard Drive Stole My Life Story

Man Who Wasted Youth Playing Video Games Vows To Waste Old Age Playing Video Games

“It’s time I admit to myself that I’m not a child anymore, I need to take a good hard look at my game playing habits and not change anything about them,” said MacCall, writing the word “VIDEO GAMES” on a large cardboard box that he planned to fill with more Super Nintendo cartridges that he plans on buying. “Life is extremely short, and it’s important not to take your time for granted. This is something that I’ve known since I was young, which is why I’ve always been determined to play as many video games as I can before I die.”