German Steam Store Removes 27 Games

Neowin reports that the German Steam store has apparently removed 27 games,

Although Valve hasn’t issued an official statement yet, it seems likely that the games were pulled by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons in Germany due to most of the games allegedly appearing on the “The List of Media Harmful to Young People”, also known as “The Index”.

These are the games allegedly pulled from sale in Germany:

NECA’s Lifesize Foam Replica Harley Quinn

Following up it’s life size foam replica of Arkham Knight’s Batman, NECA is also releasing a life size foam replica of the Arkham Knight incarnation of Harley Quinn. The Harley Quinn replica stands 5′ 11″ and is “carefully handpainted for realistic detail, down to the tattoos on her arm and hip” as well as synthetic hair, and retails for just under $900.


Harley Quinn Life Size Foam Replica

How to Fix Mafia II Xbox 360 Controller Prompts

Mafia II CoverI recently started playing Mafia II on Steam. When the game was released for PC in 2010, it supported using an XBOX 360 or Playstation controller. That’s good, but the game features a ridiculous in-game system for controller button prompts.

When the game wants the player to press a given button, it uses generic B1, B2, etc. labels for the buttons rather than the actual controller-specific button labels. I’m not aware of any other game that uses such a screwed up system.

Over the years, different people have apparently created mods for the game that replace these generic prompts with the correct prompts for PS3 and XBOX controllers. Since the game is so old, however, none of those have been updated in years and every single one I tried failed to work with the current version of the game on Steam.

A little Googling led me to this thread, however, which included a post from earlier this month where a user tracked down a mod that still works for the PS3 controller. The user then helpfully modified that mod to also work for the XBOX 360 controller.

That mod worked perfectly for me, and can be downloaded here (I’ve also mirrored the file here just in case). After you download that file and unzip it, you want to find this original file in the Mafia II directory

SteamApps\common\mafia ii\pc\sds\gui\gui.sds

and replace it with the modded version (backup the original by renaming it to old-gui.sds or something similar).

Then just restart the game, and enjoy the correct button prompts.

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season 2

The Walking Dead: Season 2 I’m way behind the curve here, but I finally forced myself to play through Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season Two this weekend. And I do mean forced myself to play. The game has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam, but I never got into it the way I did the first game.

Everything about The Walking Dead, was superb, especially the relationship between Lee and Clementine that plays out through the 5 episodes of the game. Everything about the game makes it, in my opinion, is far and away better than either the comic or the TV show.

None of the events of Season Two come close to this. Other than Clementine, there wasn’t a single character I genuinely cared about or whom had anywhere near the quality of story that characterized the initial game. I felt zero sympathy as the other characters met their ultimate fates one-by-one (in many cases, it was a relief not to have to listen to some of the whinier characters anymore). I was never convinced that half these characters would have lasted even half as long in a zombie apocalypse given their sheer, widely distributed incompetence.

And Clementine is a wonderful character, but entirely as a child throughout the game is alternately too limiting and too unbelievable. Apparently, Season Three of this series will feature an older Clementine. A late-teenage or early 20s Clementine would have a lot of potential as the character seems like she could evolve into the sort of leader that many of the characters she encounters seem to be longing for.