Stardew Valley–Take A Screenshot Of Your Entire Farm

PC Gamer has a nice tutorial explaining how to take a screenshot of your entire Stardew Valley farm.

Since the farm in the game is so big and there is no in-game function to screenshot the entire farm, this requires installing a utility, GeDoSaTo, that is designed to modify how game graphics render.

Using GeDoSaTo, PC Gamer explains how to run Stardew Valley at a whopping 8K resolution and then downsample that so the image is viewable on whatever resolution you’re actually running the game at. From there, GeDoSaTo will let you take a full 8K screenshot of the entire farm.

Stardew Valley Farm Planner

One of the great things about Stardew Valley is the huge area players have to build and customize their farm. The size of that area, however, can also make it a challenge to plan large-scale farms.

Enter the Stardew Valley Farm Planner, a web-based tool that lets people lay and plan their farm before building it in-game.

It includes all the equipment, buildings, crops, and other elements in the game to make it possible to design the perfect farm