Giant D20 from Etsy seller

Amber’s Secret Cove sells these giant D20s for $40.

These giant twenty-siders look and roll great. They are very rugged and have a nice hefty feel to them but because of the rubber frame they roll gently — similar to a soccer ball. We have dropped them from heights of over 20 feet here at the shop and they are very resistent to high impacts.

Amber's Secret Cove - Giant D20

The Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower

Interesting fourth century AD Roman dice tower.

According to Wikipedia,

It is an upright, hollow cuboid of copper-alloy plate designed to sit level on a flat surface. The top of the dice tower is open, allowing for the introduction of dice, and it contains three levels of projecting baffles which would produce random motion in the dice as they fell through the tower. The dice would then emerge at the base of the tower via a miniature flight of steps. The dice, while emerging, would ring three bells which formerly hung above the exit. One of these bells survives intact.