Arrow Action Figures: Oliver Queen and Deathstroke

Nice Arrow action figures. I really enjoyed season one of Arrow because not only was it a decent super-hero TV show, but it captured both the drama and the goofy nature of DC comics heroes. Arrow’s version of Deathstroke, for example, is scary more in a “you’re really wearing that costume to trick or treat?” sense.

Arrow Action Figures: Oliver Queen and Deathstroke

DC Classic TV: 1966 Batman Action Figures

Beginning in June 2013, Mattel will be releasing a series of 6-inch action figures based on the 1966 live-action Batman television show. Part of the reason this is being released now is that all of the legal issues between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox surrounding the 1966 series have been resolved. That means we may finally see that series on DVD and/or streaming media.


DC Classic TV: Batman and Robin Action Figures

USA Network’s Swamp Thing on DVD

The Swamp Thing series that ran on USA Networks from 1990-1993 has finally been released on DVD. Note that even though the title is “Swamp Thing: The Series”, this is actually only the first two seasons. I was always a fan of the show, but then again I regularly re-watch Lidsville, so YMMV.