Saddle Justice, 1948-49

Saddle Justice was one of the titles that Bill Gaines started shortly after taking over EC Comics after his father’s unexpected death in 1947 before the publisher went all-in on the comics that would make the company infamous a couple of years later.

Saddle Justice only lasted six issues but still has that distinct cover art style by Johnny Craig and Graham Ingels and others that would soon grace titles such as Tales From The Crypt and Vault of Horror.

Saddle Justice - Issue 3 - April 1948
Saddle Justice – Issue 3 – April 1948
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Comic Book Spinner Rack Display

My earliest memories of comic books involve large spinning racks of comics at the local grocery or drug store.

Retailers stopped using spinner racks long ago. Vintaged spinner racks are occasionally offered for sale on eBay and other sites, but usually at prices that are far beyond the average collector.

Enter, which in 2018 launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to create a Classic Comic Book Spinner Rack.

I’ve got my eyes on a newer model, The Collector Spinner Rack, which has larger pockets designed to accommodate comic books that have been slabbed.

The Collector Spinner Rack
The Collector Spinner Rack

YouTube channel The Blog of Oa posted a video review of the Classic Spinner Rack he purchased.

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Graphic Novels Collection

In January 2017, Eaglemoss began a line of graphic novels to compile all existing Star Trek comic books from around the world into a single set. As of September 2020, Eaglemoss has released or announced 132 volumes of the series that may get extended to 160 volumes total.

The series compiles not only well known Trek comics series such as the Golden Key or IDW runs of Star Trek, but also includes more obscure comics like British newspaper strips; Tokyopop’s manga version of Star Trek; a run of Star Trek comics in Portuguese that haven’t been previously translated into English; and even the read-along illustrated stories from the Peter Pan Records series from the mid-1970s.

Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Graphic Novel Collection
Eaglemoss’ Star Trek: The Graphic Novel Collection

Totally Under Control–A Comic About the COVID-19 Crisis in the United States

From Insider.Com, Totally Under Control, “A comic book about how Trump ignored science, planning, and his own team when the virus struck. And how 194,000 Americans paid the ultimate price.”

Totally Under Control - A Comic About the COVID-19 Pandemic
Totally Under Control – A Comic About the COVID-19 Pandemic