Justice League Paper Clips

We’ve previously seen Star Trek Paper Clips, so it looks like paper clips might be the new bottle openers where pop culture branded products are concerned. On the other hand, I’d probably buy  a set even at the crazy $20 for 40 paper clips price tag if I could get some with just Batman.


Justice League Paper Clips

Justice League Trophy Room Replica – Multi-Colored Kryptonite Display

A few weeks ago I mentioned DC Direct’s Superman cap replica, but this DC Direct Trophy Room Replica is even better than that. Yes, a multi-colored kryptonite display,

JLA Trophy Room Multi-Colored Kryptonite Replica

If you believe my wife, I’d have to worry about the effects of the Blue Kryptonite. Of course I’d be sleeping on a Green Kryptonite couch for a long time if I plunked down the $200-$250 that this baby goes for.