Steampunk Batman

Ugh…Batman and steampunk should go together like chocolate and peanutbutter, but this “steampunk” Batman from Square Enix is just awful looking. Do not want.

Play Arts Kai - Steampunk Batman Figure


Now this print by Jeff Welborn is what a goddamn Steampunk Batman should look like. Holy crap, why hasn’t DC thrown piles of money at Welborn to do more with this? Where’s my freaking action figure of this?


Steampunk Batman Print

Airship Enterprise Comic

Airship Enterprise is a graphic novel by Brian Denham that was successfully Kickstarted on May 16, 2015 (the money was raised to enable a full color printing of the comic).

Not really interested in the comic, but this steampunk version of the USS Enterprise is gorgeous. One of the Kickstarter rewards was a 6 foot wall poster version of this.


Airship Enterprise