Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set

So I have this problem with Green Lantern rings already, and now DC Direct has to go and announce this Blackest Night set for July. And these aren’t just any power rings — these have an LED that lights up when you wear it (the light can be turned off manually to save batter life, and perhaps also to look a bit less like a dork, though by the time you’re wearing this, that battle’s pretty much lost).

$60 for the set, and the batteries are user replaceable.

World of Warcraft Collectible Coin Set

DC Unlimited is producing World of Warcraft Collectible Coin Sets — one each for the Alliance and Horde — that should hit in June 2010 for about $70.

The Alliance one is depicted below. Each set will feature a gold, silver and copper plated coin in a display box with a metal plaque featuring the faction emblem.

World of Warcraft Alliance Collectible Coin Set

Bobblehead Mystic Seer from Classic “Nick of Time” Twilight Zone Episode

Bif Bang Pow! will be producing this bobblehead version of the Mystic Seer from the classic Twilight Zone episode “Nick of Time”, where William Shatner’s character becomes obsessed with the “predictions” made by the fortune telling machine. Oddly enough, the Mystic Seer is one of the few TZ props that wasn’t thrown out by CBS after the end of the show’s run, so the real thing is out there somewhere in some collector’s home.

Now, if I can just get a Magic Conch replica, I’ll never have to think for myself again!

Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Bobblehead

JLA Trophy Room Green Lantern Rings Prop

Normally I pass on these DC Direct prop replicas because, despite how cool they are, the prices just don’t justify it for me. This JLA Trophy Room: Green Lantern Rings Prop Replica will definitely be an exception.

Green Lantern Rings Prop

According to the description at DC Direct,

An age-old prophecy foretold the coming of the Blackest Night, and the war of light between the emotional spectrum! The Green Lantern and (yellow) Sinestro Corps are confronted by the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange, the Blue Lanterns, the mysterious Indigo Lanterns, the (violet) Star Sapphires and, ultimately, the Black Lantern Corps.

Now, for the first time ever, all of these Power Rings are collected together in one spectacular display!

Eight plated metal rings (each a different color, signifying the insignia of the various Corps) fit into a battery-operated, light-up resin display base. The rings are protected by a removable glass dome that sits on top of the base.

$250 . . . or the low, low price of just $31.25 per ring!

Diamond Select’s Full-Size Captain’s Chair Replica

There are replicas and then there are replicas. Diamond Select Toys is going to be offering a full-sized replica of the Captain’s Chair from Star Trek TOS, complete with working lights, sound effects and a few Shanterian phrases (not sure if that last one is a bug or a feature). This one will set you back $2,000..

Diamond Select Toys - Captain's Chair Replica

Paul Pape Designs Announces Ore-naments from “That Game”

Apparently Blizzard will not let him advertise these as being based on Wrath of the Lich King,¬† so think of Paul Pape Design’s new Ore-naments release as generic cobalt, titanium and saronite¬† mining ornaments suitable for any MMO. The entire set is $24.95. I own the original set and am very happy with them, and will definitely be adding these to my collection as well,

Paul Pape Designs Ore-naments