JLA Trophy Room Green Lantern Rings Prop

Normally I pass on these DC Direct prop replicas because, despite how cool they are, the prices just don’t justify it for me. This JLA Trophy Room: Green Lantern Rings Prop Replica will definitely be an exception.

Green Lantern Rings Prop

According to the description at DC Direct,

An age-old prophecy foretold the coming of the Blackest Night, and the war of light between the emotional spectrum! The Green Lantern and (yellow) Sinestro Corps are confronted by the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange, the Blue Lanterns, the mysterious Indigo Lanterns, the (violet) Star Sapphires and, ultimately, the Black Lantern Corps.

Now, for the first time ever, all of these Power Rings are collected together in one spectacular display!

Eight plated metal rings (each a different color, signifying the insignia of the various Corps) fit into a battery-operated, light-up resin display base. The rings are protected by a removable glass dome that sits on top of the base.

$250 . . . or the low, low price of just $31.25 per ring!

8 thoughts on “JLA Trophy Room Green Lantern Rings Prop”

  1. Ok, why pay $31.25 for each ring here, when you can just go to Ebay and buy all 8 rings for $19.95….

  2. @Roy G Biv – I believe you are referring to the 8 plastic rings that DC issued as a promo for Blackest Knight. Yep, currently bidding on those.

    But these are metal rings on a light-up display.

    Did I mention light-up display?

    Anyway, DC Direct keeps moving this back. Was supposed to be out in October, but now they list it as shipping Dec. 16. And several online retailers have it for January.

  3. This month’s PREVIEW guide has all the rings that actually light up listed as $59.99 for the whole set. That’s not bad. THEY LIGHT UP!!!

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