Bobblehead Mystic Seer from Classic “Nick of Time” Twilight Zone Episode

Bif Bang Pow! will be producing this bobblehead version of the Mystic Seer from the classic Twilight Zone episode “Nick of Time”, where William Shatner’s character becomes obsessed with the “predictions” made by the fortune telling machine. Oddly enough, the Mystic Seer is one of the few TZ props that wasn’t thrown out by CBS after the end of the show’s run, so the real thing is out there somewhere in some collector’s home.

Now, if I can just get a Magic Conch replica, I’ll never have to think for myself again!

Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Bobblehead

3 thoughts on “Bobblehead Mystic Seer from Classic “Nick of Time” Twilight Zone Episode”

  1. The one original prop I would pay cash money for right this second? Would beggar my family and ruin my future for?

    One of the original glass hand props from Demon With a Glass Hand.

    Harlan Ellison has been trying to get one for decades with zero luck. Man, I’d have the thing enclosed in amber or something. And then wait for Ellison to come over to my house and beat me like a rented mule until I gave it up. He scares me a little.

    1. I spoke with one of Mr Culps daughters recently and she said her father never owned any of the hands from Demon with a glass hand. I know of one screen used hand that was seen by a prop maker in the mid 1970’sd but it wasnt for sale and was told 4 of the hands were made, some stunt hands and 2 that were hero hands.

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