MILK–A Lootbox Mod for Skyrim

MILK–Many Immersive Lootboxes and Keys, is a parody mod that adds lootboxes and golden keys to Skyrim.

Bold adventurer! Have you ever felt that there was something missing from your adventures? A feature that you enjoyed so much in other games, that you couldn’t bear to play without it in Skyrim? Worry not, traveller, because the feature that everybody loves has finally found its way into Skyrim: Loot boxes! Loot boxes that you can buy with your hard-earned gold! Instead of finding new loot in the depths of a mysterious dungeon, or crafting it with the skills you’ve spent time and resources to improve, we offer you a shortcut! Now you can stroll into a general store, and ask the merchant about loot boxes! After buying some, simply activate them in your inventory to crack them open and receive a random cache of loot! All the loot you could ever ask for! Who needs to play the game when you can buy your way to the top?

The comments and FAQ on the mod page are a hilarious send-up of the bullshit that AAA companies like EA try to use to justify loot boxes.

Isn’t this pay to win?

Let me stop you right there, buddy! Playing to win is old-fashioned, outdated! What you call “ruining the spirit of the game”, we call “huge profits”! Everybody wins!

Doesn’t it cost more gold to buy enough loot boxes to get something you want than it does to just purchase the specific item?

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m no mathemetician. Our team of expert analysts, who have math degrees or something, assures us that this is the best way for us to make enough gold to continue to support the game. And you don’t want us to stop supporting the game, do you? I guess if you don’t like it, we can always start charging for [trivial content that is not worth paying for] instead of giving it to you for FREE!

YouTuber Popon Top has a video review of the mod,

Modder Creates Fallout 4 Mod to Remove Bethesda’s Paid Mod Feature

Bethesda keeps trying to make paid mods a thing. Its latest attempt is its Creation Club service that patches paid mods into Fallout 4. The service has been widely panned by gamers. There are a number of ways that game companies could better support modders by allowing them for paid mods, but so far Bethesda seems intent on simply turning the community that arises from its games into a crass cash grab.

One modder responded by creating a No More Creation Club News mod for Fallout 4,

After updating to Fallout 4 v1.10.20, you are greeted with a giant spam box on your Main Menu screen.  I dislike this, so I modded the Main Menu interface file to get rid of it.

Now that’s a mod I’d gladly reward the developer for creating.

Stardew Valley Mod–CJB’s In-Game Cheat Menu

Stardew Valley is an amazing game, especially considering everything in the game was created by a one-man development team. There are, however, a couple of aspects that I don’t like about the game–I detest the fishing mini-game, which doesn’t seem to fit in with the other activities at all, and I’m not a fan of the degrading fences (especially since fence gates, etc. don’t seem to degrade).

Fortunately, Stardew Valley is eminently moddable ,and even though the game has been out for less than a week, there are already dozens of mods available for it. CJB’s In-Game Cheat Menu is hands-down the best mod available for tweaking pretty much any aspect of the game.

To use the In-Game Cheat Menu mod, first you need to install the Stardew Modding API which is available at Github. Download the zip file containing SAMPI and copy the files to your /Stardew Valley/ folder. To use mods, from now on you will need to start the game by clicking on the StardewModdingAPI.exe file. That will launch the modding tool and then, in turn, will automatically launch Stardew Valley.

Next, create a Mods folder in your main Stardew Valley directory, download the CJB In-Game Cheat Menu, and copy everything in that zip file into the \Mods\ directory.

Then restart Stardew Valley using the StardewModdingAPI.exe file. Once you are in-game press “P” to bring up the cheats menu.

The thing I appreciate about the In-Game Cheat Menu mod is how thorough it is. I only want to be able to auto-fish and prevent my fences from degrading, because that really fits my particular play style.

Want to focus on building relationships with the other characters in the game? Fine, just enable the “Always Give Gift” in the Relationships area. Or choose to Freeze Time either everywhere in the game, only when inside, or only when inside caves. Or toggle time on and off with the “T” key.


CJB In-Game Cheat Menu Screenshot