Modder Creates Fallout 4 Mod to Remove Bethesda’s Paid Mod Feature

Bethesda keeps trying to make paid mods a thing. Its latest attempt is its Creation Club service that patches paid mods into Fallout 4. The service has been widely panned by gamers. There are a number of ways that game companies could better support modders by allowing them for paid mods, but so far Bethesda seems intent on simply turning the community that arises from its games into a crass cash grab.

One modder responded by creating a No More Creation Club News mod for Fallout 4,

After updating to Fallout 4 v1.10.20, you are greeted with a giant spam box on your Main Menu screen.  I dislike this, so I modded the Main Menu interface file to get rid of it.

Now that’s a mod I’d gladly reward the developer for creating.