Pocket Legends – An MMO for the iPod/iPhone/iPad

Space Time Studios’ Pocket Legends is a scaled-down free to play MMO for the iPod/iPhone/iPad.

It offers three basic classes, along with typical MMO feature such as leveling, upgradeable stats and skills, etc.

It has been getting very good initial reviews. Space Time’s free to play model seems to be selling additional content/areas beyond the initial area for a fee, though at the moment there isn’t much available at all for purchase for the game.

Nice, and clearly just the beginning of the transition of MMOs to mobile devices (along with the increasingly prevalent mobile enhancement of traditional PC-based MMOs).

DLO Shipping HomeDock Deluxe for the iPod

DigitalTrends.Com reports that DLO is finally shipping its HomeDock Deluxe dock for the iPod. The HomeDock Deluxe features nice-looking menus and screens on your television that make it easy to navigate and play movies and music stored on your iPod.

I’ve got the first HomeDock that DLO came out with a couple years ago and absolutely love it, but it lacks the onscreen menu features. Take an 80gb video iPod and add the HomeDock Deluxe and you’ve got a very nice multimedia center.

Sync Video to iPod Without iTunes

After Apple upgraded the firmware of the video iPod to display video at up to 640×480, I’ve been using it to view all of my video files and DVDs. There’s just one problem — iTunes sucks, especially after you get to the point where you have tens of thousands of music and video files.

I use MediaMonkey to sync audio files, but that application doesn’t handle video files. Currently I’m using Floola to copy MP4 files from my computer to the iPod so I can watch them on my TV.

Floola doesn’t have much of a user interface — you simply grab the files you want from Explorer and then drag them onto the Floola app. But performs just fine in getting the files on the iPod and, best of all, it is freeware.

Not an ideal solution, but until Apple gets around to producing a non-crap version of iTunes, it does the job.