Sync Video to iPod Without iTunes

After Apple upgraded the firmware of the video iPod to display video at up to 640×480, I’ve been using it to view all of my video files and DVDs. There’s just one problem — iTunes sucks, especially after you get to the point where you have tens of thousands of music and video files.

I use MediaMonkey to sync audio files, but that application doesn’t handle video files. Currently I’m using Floola to copy MP4 files from my computer to the iPod so I can watch them on my TV.

Floola doesn’t have much of a user interface — you simply grab the files you want from Explorer and then drag them onto the Floola app. But performs just fine in getting the files on the iPod and, best of all, it is freeware.

Not an ideal solution, but until Apple gets around to producing a non-crap version of iTunes, it does the job.

4 thoughts on “Sync Video to iPod Without iTunes”

  1. Thanks Brian…another iTunes hater here, love Media Monkey…I’ll have to try the your video recommendation. If there was another player more widely accepted I wouldn’t be using the iPod in the first place…

  2. I’m using my fiancee’s Dell while my Mac has the Question Mark of Doom on bootup, and even with just a small amount of music – 25gig – iTunes stutters constantly if you try to do anything else while its running. This is a very silly thing.

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