DVD Flick — Convert Video Files to DVDs

DVD Flick is a free, open source program that can take a variety of video files — AVI, MPG, MOV, MP4, FLV, etc. — and compile them onto a DVD that can be played back on any standard DVD player.

One thought on “DVD Flick — Convert Video Files to DVDs”

  1. When I play files with audio that is not synced, VLC autocorrects the problem and I don’t notice the problem. The issue I am facing happens when I stream video to my TV or phone which do not have the autocorrect feature VLC does. Is there a way to check what the correction time VLC is using to sync up the audio properly? I would then be able to open the file up in some video editing software and delay or advance the audio to the same time VLC did to permanently fix the problem.

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