Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Die-Cast Vehicles … Battlestar Galactica?

Hot Wheels has a series of Retro Entertainment die-cast cars out, including vehicles like the A-Team van, Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari, and the Knight Rider K.A.R.R. I picked up this nice Ecto-1.


Hot Wheels Ecto-1



However, there is one oddity here. The press materials on this says that the line will include classic vehicles driven in TV shows and movies, including classic Battlestar Galactica. Now maybe they’re going to do a classic Viper, but I’m hoping they go a different route.
Battlestar Galactica 1980 Motorcycles


(What the world really needs is fanfic depicting what happened when Captain Troy and Lieutenant Dillon tangled with the Sons of Anarchy.)


Why Does The Flash Need A Car?

I picked one of these up the other day and love the design, but it obviously begs the question — why would The Flash need a car?

My working hypothesis: this is like on of those Flintstones cars that doesn’t have an engine, but rather The Flash sticks his feet through the floorboards and gets to motoring while a goofy sound effect plays in the background.

(Whereas my wife wonders what the hell I needed with a car that even The Flash doesn’t seem to need. Working hypothesis: to go with the other 100 or so super-hero themed cars and motorcycles, of course!)