Ida B. Wells On Gun Ownership

Occasionally, I see pro-gun folks share a truncated version of an Ida B. Wells quote. The full quote is interesting, but something I doubt the current incarnation of the National Rifle Association will be heralding anytime soon.

Of the many inhuman outrages of this present year, the only case where the proposed lynching did not occur, was where the men armed themselves in Jacksonville, Fla., and Paducah, Ky, and prevented it. The only times an Afro-American who was assaulted got away has been when he had a gun and used it in self-defense.

The lesson this teaches and which every Afro-American should ponder well, is that a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give. When the white man who is always the aggressor knows he runs as great risk of biting the dust every time his Afro-American victim does, he will have greater respect for Afro-American life. The more the Afro-American yields and cringes and begs, the more he has to do so, the more he is insulted, outraged and lynched.

-Ida B. Wells, Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases, 1892

Thoughts and Prayers: The Game

After every mass shooting in America, there is a wave of politicians and celebrities sending “thoughts and prayers” to the victims.

Politically minded The GOP Arcade decided to turn this into Thoughts and Prayers: The Game in which players need to “Stop mass shootings with your thoughts and prayers!”

The Sandy Hook “Two Handguns” Myth

There is a myth about the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings that was started by gun rights activists but has become so pervasive that even some gun control activists have started repeating it.

The myth is that Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook using nothing more than two handguns — a Glock 10 and a Sig-Sauer P226.

That is not true.

Every person that Lanza murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary was killed with a Bushmaster XM15-E2S .223 caliber rifle. The only person Lanza killed with a handgun during his shooting spree was himself. He ended his own life with a single shot from a  Glock 10.

Lanza’s mother — the first victim of his rampage — was killed with a .22 calibre bolt-action rifle that Lanza left on the floor next to her bed after murdering her.

Connecticut police have attempted to correct the record on this point, but the myth still persists,

Connecticut State Police
Public Information Office


January 18, 2013

** UPDATE **


In previous press conferences, the Connecticut State Police clearly identified all of the weapons
seized from the crime scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To eliminate any confusion or misinformation, we will again describe and identify the weapons seized
at the school crime scene.

Seized inside the school:

#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round magazine

#2. Glock 10 mm handgun

#3. Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun

Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:

#4. Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun (seized from car in parking lot)

The shooter used the Bushmaster .223 to murder 20 children and six adults inside the school; he used a handgun to take his own life inside the school. No other weapons were used in this crime. This case remains under investigation.

Lt. J. Paul Vance

Disinformation on “Assault” Gun Ban

According to The Associated Press,

While manufacturers look for a boom in business as people buy up previously banned weapons like AK-47s, Uzis and TEC-9s, police chiefs warn of an upsurge in crime.

Actually, even under the “assault” weapons ban, you could legally buy a fully automatic AK-47 in the United States provided you wanted to jump through a bunch of red tape.

And if all you wanted was the semi-automatic version of the AK-47, you could essentially buy that too. There are a number of AK-47 semiautomatic knockoffs that, with minor cosmetic changes to comply with the “assault weapons” ban, went on sale immediately after the ban (the major changes that were made were removal of pistol grips and ability to mount a bayonet).

The Associated Press also falsely claims that,

Just over a year after the San Francisco shootings, President Bill Clinton signed Feinstein’s bill into law. It banned the sale of 19 specific semiautomatic weapons and ammunition clips of 10 rounds or more.

Wrong! The law banned the manufacture or sale of new ammunition clips of 10 rounds or more. It did not effect the sale of such clips that were manufactured before the law went into effect. The main effect was that the price of larger ammunition clips increased during the period the law was in effect, but they were still widely available for sale (in fact, manufacturers of such clips dramatically increased production of larger clips before the ban went into effect precisely for this reason).


Assault weapons ban to expire Monday. Associated Press, September 13, 2004.