DC Teekeez–WTAF?

Cryptozoic describes these Teekeez toys as “2.75-inch vinyl figures with a distinctive ‘carved from wood’ aesthetic that are perfect for giving your home or office a relaxed, kitchy vibe.”

Uh huh.


DC Teekeez
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker and Harley Quinn have never looked so bizarre
DC Teekeez - Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
DC Teekeez - The Joker
The Joker
DC Teekeez - Superman
DC Teekeez - Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn
DC Teekeez - Batman

DC Pumps–Miniature Hero and Villain High Heels (No, Seriously)

I don’t even.

From Cryptozoic Entertainment. You can never have too many shoes! Pumps are glamorous miniature high-heeled shoes inspired by the costumes, props, and personalities of DC’s favorite female heroes and villains, including Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, and Batgirl. For example, the Wonder Woman Pump features a transparent heel influenced directly by the character’s Invisible Plane and a strap designed after her iconic Lasso of Truth! Each Pump is approximately 2.25 inches tall, is finished with pearlescent metallic paint, and comes inside a high-fashion-style shoebox. There are nine distinct shoes in the Pumps collection, plus three rare variants. Collect them all!


Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
Black Canary

Harley’s Puddin’ Pop (Huh?)

The promotional material for this Cryptozoic statue reads, in part,

Harley loves her “Puddin'”! Playing off her nickname for the Joker, the second in Cryptozoic’s series of highly detailed, life-sized hand statues-following the Joker Calling Card-features Harley’s gloved hand holding a lollipop with her smiling sweetheart’s face on it.

Uh huh. Ok.