Borderlands 2: Infinity Pistol Replica

TriForce is releasing another replica gun from Borderlands 2, this time the Infinity pistol. Okay this thing looks awesome, but I’ll take any of the Nerf-based replicas I can get for far less than the $650 this goes for and would actually be usable for something like cosplaying (emphasis added),

Intriciately crafted and cast in polystone, it measures 22″ in length, weighs in at 20 pounds, and features working LED effects!

Twenty pounds. FFS.

Borderlands 2 Infinity Pistol Replica

Video Game Characters Excel at Carrying Things

Vsauce has a nice look at the absurdities of video game inventories, noting a single GTA V character with all gun slots filled and with full ammo is essentially carrying about 800 pounds of gear:

I have to say, those GTA V characters are lightweights.

In Borderlands 2, a character can unlock a total of 43 weapon slots, and each of those slots could be filled with a rocket launcher. A real world equivalent weighs about 50 pounds, so a Borderlands 2 character with rocket launchers in every slot and full ammo is looking at carrying more than a ton of weaponry.