Canada Pulls Out of UN Racism Conference

The Associated Press reports that Canada has withdrawn from next year’s planned United Nations Conference on Racism planned for South Africa. Like the previous UN Conference on Racism in 2001, this one is slated to be yet another UN Conference on Israeli Bashing.

As Salon noted in its coverage of the 2001 Conference, the Conference in fact featured incidents of anti-Semitism,

Inside the U.N. conference grounds and within its tents, the rhetoric and agitprop were also white hot. Fliers were found with Hitler’s photo above the question: “What if I had won? There would be no Israel, and no Palestinian bloodshed.” A press conference held by the Jewish caucus was cut short by a rowdy group of Iranian women, one of whom screamed, “Six million dead and you’re holding the world hostage!”

This time around, the UN has ensured that a similar debacle with Libya elected to chair the event, Cuba as vice-chair, and Iran on the organizing committee. Presumably, the Sudanese government may be offered the keynote this time around.

Gay Groups Should Adopt Anti-Israeli Positions

Reuters notes that gay and lesbian NGOs have a rather difficult time being credentialed by the United Nations which usually has almost no standards at all for such determinations (based on some of the odd groups that do have NGO status).

For example, Canada’s Coalition of Gays and Lesbians of Quebec was rejected as an NGO by an 8-6 vote. The vote in this case is extremely revealing.

Voting yes to credential the group — Colombia, Israel, Peru, Romania, Britain and the United States (hmm…and here I thought the U.S. was run by a fascist theocracy?)

Voting no — Burundi, China, Egypt, Guinea, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia and Sudan.

Given the tenor of the United Nations, the best bet for gay and lesbian groups would probably be to adopt anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic planks. Egypt, Pakistan and Qatar may not be thrilled by a gay and lesbian group, but if that group, say, argued that Jews were behind a worldwide plot against gays and lesbians, they’d probably win immediate approval.


Canadian and Swedish gay groups frowned on at UN. Evelyn Leopold, Reuters, February 2, 2007.

Gary Busey Anti-Semite?

Gary Busey’s pretty washed up as an actor so it is understandable that he’s appearing in low-budget foreign fare of late, but there’s no excuse for appearing in blatantly anti-Semitic films such as the just-released Turkish film, Valley of the Wolves Iraq.

According to the Associated Press the film is very loosely based on an actual event at the start of the Iraq war. American soldiers came across a group of Turkish soldiers and mistook them for insurgents. The Americans detained the Turks for a couple days before the mistaken identity was cleared up and they were released.

In the movie, a group of rogue American soldiers led by Billy Zane are committing atrocities and a group of Turkish special forces intervene to stop Zane and his crew.

In one of the atrocity scenes, the American soldiers are depicted as bursting into an Iraqi wedding, killing dozens of attendees, and then dragging the rest back to Abu Ghraib.

At which point Gary Busey’s character enters the picture. Busey’s character, according to The Washington Post, is “a Jewish doctor [who] cuts out their [the captured civilians] organs, which he sells to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv.”

WTF? Was Busey forced to do this because the lead in the film version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was already cast? Is he going to follow this up by playing a rapist in black face?


In Turkish Movie, Americans Kill Innocents. Benjamin Harvey, Associated Press, February 3, 2006.

The Mainstreaming of Anti-Semitism

One of the more bizarre trends in America and Europe of late is the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism, which had been widely discredited after the revelations of where it lead to in Nazi Germany, seems to be making a comeback in the West.

For example, Muslim extremist Fawaz Damra is currently on trial in Ohio accused of lying on his immigration forms in an effort to hide a past that includes ties to alleged terrorists. Prosecutors have videotapes of Damra giving fundraising speeches for the Islamic Jihad in the 1990s in which he apparently yells out calls for the destruction of the Jews.

In his defense, Damra is employing one Scott Alexander who is associate professor of Islam and director of the Catholic-Muslim Studies program at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Alexander’s job is to convince the court that when Damra called for the destruction of the Jews, he didn’t really mean it. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported,

“The rhetoric is principally used by political and religious leaders to galvanize resistance to what Palestinian Arabs consider to be the patent persecution of their people by Jewish immigrants to the Middle East,” Alexander said in a report filed in federal court.

“As unquestionably hate-filled and thus morally reprehensible as such language is, when Palestinians refer to Jews as ‘descended from apes and swine’ or encourage support for those who ‘kill Jews,’ they do so with the reasonably justifiable self-image of victim and persecuted, not of victimizer and persecutor.”

What a disgusting line of reasoning which, of course, could easily be employed by a variety of racists extremists who generally view themselves as victims and persecuted by the groups they rail against.

The judge in the case still has to decide if a jury will hear Alexander’s twisted view on anti-Semitism, so there’s still hope this sort of nonsense won’t find its way into American courts.


Damra didn’t promote violence, defense expert says at hearing. John Caniglia, Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 8, 2004.

Google and JihadUnspun.Com

I happened to run across an article written a couple weeks ago about Google News’ disturbing decision to include JihadUnspun.Com in the mix of sites that are indexed as part of Google News. Now on its web site, Google says of its criteria for inclusion in Google News only that,

While the sources of the news vary in perspective and editorial approach, their selection for inclusion is done without regard to political viewpoint or ideology. While this may lead to some occasionally unusual and contradictory groupings, it is exactly this variety that makes Google News a valuable source of information on the important issues of the day.

Apparently they’re serious about no regard to political viewpoint or ideology since JihadUnspun.Com is an openly anti-Semitic website. For example, currently News.Google.Com indexes, among other stories, Marc Glenn’s One Less Than Six Million from about the Holocaust,

Whereas the murder of Christ by the leadership of Israel formed the basis around which the religion of Christianity would be formed, now the murder of the decendants of those leaders at the hands of those professing to be Christians has supplanted what was the religion which helped to create Western Civilization.

. . .

In the first case, the suffering of the Palestinian people, now almost a century long in its duration, has been completely cast aside as a necessary evil in redressing the crime committed by the National Socialists of HitlerÂ’s Germany. In such a way, the pimps of Holocaustism (manifested in the out-in-front/in your face stance of those who shape American sentiments towards Israel and by default public policy) have revealed what are the undeniable dogmas upon which their new religion is founded. For them, the fact that the murder of six million, or six thousand, or sixty million, or whatever number in actuality it is, takes on a more sober, somber, serious tone when it happens to fall upon their particular group reveals in and of itself what are the racist, exclusivist, self-absorbed sentiments which form the operating ideologies of their agenda.

. . .

His statement reveals what has historically been a secretly nursed hatred for the Jewish people which has been entertained by those occupying positions in their leadership for the last 2,000 years. Historically, they are individuals who have schemed and plotted for their own benefit, using those under them as stepping stones in their ascent to power. Whether their leadership has been religious or secular in nature, they have over the centuries of the Diaspora planted the seeds of suffering which would later blossom into the same anti-semitic presecutions by which they have advanced their power. Tragically, those who have drunk from the poisoned well of Zionist Marxism and who have elevated men like Herzl and others to positions of sainthood and respectability do not realize what an injustice they are doing to themselves and those who follow after them. If the members of modern day Jewry were truly concerned with isolating what have been the root causes of their persecutions and suffering, they would then come to the undeniable conclusion that it has been their leadership which has been the source of their suffering for the last 2 milleniae. From the Pharisees of the Sanhedrin to the Pharisees at the ADL, it has been the racist, exclusivist mindset entertained by those in leadership positions which have been the cause of friction between Jew and Gentile which has led to anti-Semitism.

What’s next? Is Google News going to start featuring the Final Call or Tom Metzger’s latest rantings?

EC Outraged by Accusations that It Encourages Anti-Semitism — Cancels Seminar on Anti-Semitism to Make Its Point

European Commission President Romano Prodi was apparently not pleased after World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman and European Jewish Congress President Coby Benatoff accused the EC of promoting anti-Semitism. So he took the obvious retaliatory step — he cancelled a planned seminar on anti-Semitism.

Prodi certainly knows how to make a point.


EU suspends anti-Semitism seminar. Douglas Davis, Jerusalem Post, January 6, 2004.