Canada Pulls Out of UN Racism Conference

The Associated Press reports that Canada has withdrawn from next year’s planned United Nations Conference on Racism planned for South Africa. Like the previous UN Conference on Racism in 2001, this one is slated to be yet another UN Conference on Israeli Bashing.

As Salon noted in its coverage of the 2001 Conference, the Conference in fact featured incidents of anti-Semitism,

Inside the U.N. conference grounds and within its tents, the rhetoric and agitprop were also white hot. Fliers were found with Hitler’s photo above the question: “What if I had won? There would be no Israel, and no Palestinian bloodshed.” A press conference held by the Jewish caucus was cut short by a rowdy group of Iranian women, one of whom screamed, “Six million dead and you’re holding the world hostage!”

This time around, the UN has ensured that a similar debacle with Libya elected to chair the event, Cuba as vice-chair, and Iran on the organizing committee. Presumably, the Sudanese government may be offered the keynote this time around.

One thought on “Canada Pulls Out of UN Racism Conference”

  1. This is deplorable!
    I am mad as hell over this, and for what?
    Because Israel might be called out?
    Is Canada now run by the CJC, B’nia brith and the like?
    Can we bring NO criticism on Israel in this country, because of our fear of being labeled” antisemitic “?!!
    Nothing against the Jewish people, but Israel is a hostile nation, engaged in genocide. “6 million dead, and now you hold the world hostage” is pretty accurate in my eyes.

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