New 52 Shazam Statue

This is a New 52 Shazam statue from ArtFX due for release at the end of the year. This thing is freaking hideous. It looks like Captain Marvel’s undergone a few too many plastic surgeries or something. And seriously with those boots…really?

This is, however, a pretty good reimagining of a young Liberace as a vampire.


Shazam - New 52 Statue

Kotobukiya’s Deathstroke Statue

For the most part, I have absolutely no interest in and do not understand the appeal of superhero statutes. Action figures, yes; statues, no.

Occasionally, though, a company like Kotobukiya comes out with something like this amazing Deathstroke statue and the fanboy in me is all like “Daaaamn…hide my wallet.”

Deathstroke is one of the best villains/anti-heroes in the DC Universe, and this statue really does him justice.


Deathstroke Statue from Kotobukiya