Die-Cast Space Battleship Yamato

This is a die-cast version of the Space Battleship Yamato from Yamato 2199 (known as Starblazers in the United States) . This thing is over 16 inches long and includes LEDs to simulate the engine and the wave motion gun. This will be out in March 2014 for $265.

As an aside, I’m surprised no one has done a mashup of Yamato 2199 footage  with Lonely Island’s  I’m On A Boat.

Die-cast Space Battleship Yamato

Starblazers Pedometer – Lose Weight and Defeat the Gamelons

This will probably never be available in the United States, but Michael Kerfel highlights Bandai’s upcoming release of a Starblazers-themed pedometer. Apparently there will be some sort of journey-based theme and every step you puts in furthers the story along.