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Batman Classic TV Series – Lego Batcave

Meh. One of the things about these Lego sets of things like the Batman Classic TV Series Batcave is that there are much, much better custom Lego versions of this. The Batcopter is very nice, though. I don’t see anything in this set that would make me want to part with $270.


Batman Classic TV Lego Batcave

Lego’s Comeback

Man, I remember back in 2003-2004 when Lego was having serious financial problems. Somehow they’ve turned that around to become the largest toy manufacturer in the world. According to Business Insider,

Danish toy maker Lego has taken the top spot as the world’s biggest maker of toys by sales, overtaking Barbie doll-maker Mattel, its first-half results showed on Thursday.

First-half sales rose 11.0 percent to 11.5 billion kroner (1.55 billion euros, $2.03 billion).

Performance was boosted by the Lego Movie product line which was launched together with the group’s eponymous feature film earlier this year.

One of the things Lego appears to have gotten much better is turning its licensed properties into bigger profits.

According to this 2009 Daily Mail article, back in 1999 Lego had actually rejected a Star Wars tie-in because of the violence inherent in the sci-fi epic. Today, of course, Star Wars-related products have become one of Lego’s major success stories.