SanDisk announces 1TB MicroSD Card

At MWC 2019, SanDisk announced that it will be releasing a 1TB MicroSD card in April 2019. The 1TB card will retail for $449.99.

I thought I had a lot of storage with my 512gb Note9 with a Samsung 400gb MicroSD card, but with the Note 10 likely to offer a 1TB storage option (as the S10+ does), 2TB of phone storage is right around the corner.

(And just in the nick of time in my case.)

SanDisk 1TB MicroSD
SanDisk 1TB MicroSD

SanDisk Introduces 512gb SDXC Card

SanDisk 512gb SDXC CardYou can never have too much storage, which is why it’s nice to see that SanDisk has introduced a 512gb SDXC card. Retailing for $799.99, the card is aimed at high-end photographers and people shooting 4K video.

I can’t wait until the price of this falls to the point where I can stick one in my phone.