Never Buy Sandisk SD Cards

This is an interesting article about a photographer who has sworn off Sandisk SD cards because of their shoddy construction.

Unfortunately, I’m done buying Sandisk SD cards. and I think you can see why. They seem to be more flimsy than any other memory card (make or model) I have ever had. Inevitably, they split open and spill their memory chip guts.

. . .

Considering that I am now at 5-10 Sandisk cards with the exact same type of failure, I can only conclude that Sandisk cards are significantly less well-made than the other brands I’ve been using.

The article includes several photographs showing SanDisk cards that have fallen apart.

Broken Sandisk Cards
Broken Sandisk Cards

This has been my experience as well. I haven’t bought any Sandisk cards since 2015 because the ones I did purchase would all fall apart in exactly the way shown in the photo above.

I finally gave up and switched to purchasing Samsung cards that have held up much better and seem less likely to fail for other reasons.

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