Samsung/Lexar Close to Releasing Their 512gb MicroSD Cards

A few days ago, Samsung’s Germany website published images of its new line of EVO Plus MicroSD cards which included a 512gb card. Today, AnandTech reported that Lexar announced its 512gb MicroSD card, which also meets the A2 Application Performance Class standard.

Retail price for these cards is likely to be in the $300-$330 range. Personally, I’m looking forward to throwing one of these into my Galaxy Note 9 so I can up my total phone storage up to 1TB (also, my 400gb Samsung MicroSD card only has about 14gb free).

Here’s hoping that these hit Amazon before the end of 2018.

Exposed MicroSD Slots Are Stupid

I was getting excited reading Engadget’s report on Kobo’s upcoming Aura HD e-reader. This is a limited edition e-reader that will appeal to hardcore readers like myself but for which Kobo doesn’t think there’s any sort of larger market for (i.e., this is also clever marketing to see if there is a bigger audience than the company thinks).

Anyway, the device is looking like everything I’ve always wanted in an e-reader until I get to this photo.

Kobo Aura


What is the point of adding a slot for a MicroSD card if you’re not going to put some sort of sliding door or cover to protect it?

My ASUS Transformer Prime has exactly the same design flaw, and I gave up using the MicroSD slot at all after I lost my second 32gb card.