Samsung/Lexar Close to Releasing Their 512gb MicroSD Cards

A few days ago, Samsung’s Germany website published images of its new line of EVO Plus MicroSD cards which included a 512gb card. Today, AnandTech reported that Lexar announced its 512gb MicroSD card, which also meets the A2 Application Performance Class standard.

Retail price for these cards is likely to be in the $300-$330 range. Personally, I’m looking forward to throwing one of these into my Galaxy Note 9 so I can up my total phone storage up to 1TB (also, my 400gb Samsung MicroSD card only has about 14gb free).

Here’s hoping that these hit Amazon before the end of 2018.

Lexar’s Echo ZE USB Drive (Who Comes Up With These Product Names??)

Seriously, who does come up with names like Echo ZE? Anyway, this isn’t the fastest or biggest USB drive, but it certainly is among the smallest. Reviews on this are mixed over on Amazon and other sites largely because Lexar includes some bullshit backup software that apparently doesn’t work very well. Look, here’s how to handle backup/media/etc software that comes packaged with drives — find the nearest trash receptacle and toss it in.

This comes in a variety of capacities, with a 32gb version going for about $58 on Amazon. I just love the idea of carrying around a 32gb USB drive in a form factor so small you could swallow it if you needed to.