SanDisk Introduces 512gb SDXC Card

SanDisk 512gb SDXC CardYou can never have too much storage, which is why it’s nice to see that SanDisk has introduced a 512gb SDXC card. Retailing for $799.99, the card is aimed at high-end photographers and people shooting 4K video.

I can’t wait until the price of this falls to the point where I can stick one in my phone.

Kingmax’s 64gb Micro SDXC Card

Taiwan-based Kingmax issued a press release in May claiming to unveil the largest Micro SDXC card yet at 64gb.

Of course this is just a press announcement, so Kingmax 64gb Micro SDXC cards aren’t actually on sale anywhere in the world yet. And no pricing has been given. But, hey — there’s a press release, right? Good luck storing any data on that!

The obvious application for these is in smart phones. These cards are the same form factor as Micro SD cards, but the spec current generation of Micro SD cards are based on arbitrarily limits their size to 32gb. Eventually, though, smart phone manufacturers are going to start adding SDXC compatibility — the Thunderbolt was originally rumored to have SDXC, but shipped with plain old SD. There are already companies offering exFAT (the file system used by SDXC) solutions for Android.

The cool thing is just how much data is ultimately going to be available locally on handheld devices. When you’ve got a phone 5 years from now that has 128-256 gb of data storage on it plus pervasive 4G access plus grapics rivaling today’s console systems, you’ve got people using their phones for things we can’t even imagine today (and one thing Android better get working on pretty damn quick is encryption across the device).