Two-Face Coin Prop

Although it doesn’t mention a tie-in to the movie, this $30 Two-Face coin–like the one used in The Dark Knight–is based on the 1922 Liberty Head Silver Dollar. The coin indicates it was minted in 1942, presumably to avoid legal issues–the last year the silver dollar with this particular design was struck was in 1935.

Prop Dynamite Label

One of my favorite blogs, Propnomicon, created an awesome printable label for creating prop sticks of dynamite. Download the PDF here (mirrored here just in case.)

The standard stick of dynamite is 8″ long and 1.25″ in diameter.  That just happens to be a standard dowel size as well, so a quick trip to the hardware store will give you enough material for an entire bundle of dynamite.  If you don’t have access to power tools the store will usually be happy to cut your dowel into 8″ lengths for a small fee.

Once you have the dowels, print out a label for each stick of dynamite.  Heavy brown or red construction paper is ideal, as is the paper used in grocery bags.  Trim the labels along the marked cutting lines and then wrap it around the dowel, gluing it into place.  A glue stick is perfect for this.  There should be an overhang of about 3/4″ on either side that you can then fold down and glue in place to cover the ends.

If you want to add a conventional fuse try using jute or cotton cord wiped down with black acrylic paint.   Just drill out a hole in one end of the dynamite stick and glue the fuse in place. 

a couple years ago.