Hypercat Productions’ Borderlands 2 Weapon Props

Hypercat Productions makes and sells custom replicas including these nice looking Borderlands 2 replica weapons based on Nerf guns and toy darts (in the case of the Tediore pistol). The guns themselves as well as other replicas are available for purchase at Hypercat’s Etsy store.


Borderlands 2 - Tediore Pistol
Tediore Pistol (does not explode when thrown, however)


Borderlands 2 - Mad Moxxi
Mad Moxxi-style SMG


Borderlands 2- Maliwan
Maliwan Fervid Gospel

The Ultimate Nerf-Mod &mdash the Fast Action Rifle

Last week I mentioned the coolest Nerf gun you can actually buy in stores. Well, there’s an even cooler Nerf gun, but its built entirely from scratch — the Fast-Action Rifle.

This is custom bolt-action Nerf gun that is awe-inspring in the detail. For example, check out the video of firing the gun, where the “shell casing” for the Nerf projectile is ejected with the bolt action.