Superhero Themed TSA-Approved Combination Locks


Guard your luggage with the power of DC [and Marvel] heroes! This TSA approved combination lock is convenient . . . and allows airport screeners to unlock, inspect, and re-lock bags, without damaging the lock for hassle-free travel.

Yes, make it even easier for the TSA to steal all the things!

TSA Combination Lock - Batman
TSA Combination Lock – Batman
TSA Combination Lock - Wonder Woman
TSA Combination Lock – Wonder Woman
TSA Combination Lock - The Hulk
TSA Combination Lock – The Hulk

Master Lock 1500id

I’ve seen the Master Lock 1500id pretty much everywhere lately. The lock is pretty clever — rather than the traditional number wheel, you’ve got a video game style up/down/left/right. Set a combination to some old school video game routine, or (to be more secure) come up with something new.

I have a developmentally disabled daughter who has a lot of problems with traditional number-based combination locks, and this would be awesome for her.

Unfortunately, the reviews on Amazon are less stellar. Apparently the internal combination mechanism is made out of plastic and is extremely unreliable. Many buyers report that actually opening the lock is very difficult even with the correct combination, and that this gets worse over time.

Too bad. Hopefully Master Lock will fix the flaws and come back with a reliable version of this lock.?