Space Ghost Retro Action Figures from Figures Toy Co.

Figures Toy Co.’s efforts to span the world of pop culture with its retro-style action figures extends to Hanna Barbera’s classic Space Ghost series, with action figures for Space Ghost, Jan, Jace and the original space monkey, Blip.

Space Ghost Retro Action Figure
Space Ghost

Blip, Jan and Jace Retro Action FIgures
Blip, Jan and Jace

Jonny Quest 8-inch Retro Action Figures

Figures Toy Company managed to snag a license to produce 8-inch retro action figures based on Hanna Barbera properties. This line of Jonny Quest figures gets things started off right.


Jonny Quest

Roger “Race” Bannon

Hadji Singh

Dr. Benton Quest

Figures Toy Co.’s Retro Scooby Doo Action Figures

These are awesome, though I’m really surprised they went with a Ghost Clown figure rather than Velma or Scooby to round out the initial wave.


Fred Jones

Shaggy Rogers

Daphne Blake

Ghost Clown